Monday, March 24, 2008

What's New??

I just realised my last post was last year. And so many things have happened...

1) I am my own boss now. Well, almost!!
2) I got 2nd runner up for the Month of February in the company to hit the target.
3) I got praises from my co-workers :D
4) I love what I do now.

1) I went to Club Med Cherating end Feb. My first visit. (unfortunately no pics cos dimples has not sent them to me yet). I want to go for more.
2) I am going Vietnam in May and Hong Kong in August.

1) I started my CFP class. Now I'm a student minus the short skirt and long stockings.
2) I FINALLY exercise my rights as a Malaysian citizen. I Bloody Voted.
3) I attended 4 weddings - 2 in Jan, 1 in Feb and 1 in March.

And what's the latest?

AJ's window was smashed due to my stupidity. Never ever leave your gym bag (even if its a gym bag) in your car visible to the eyes of the public. Thank goodness i did not suffer from any major losses except for my dirty laundry, combat gloves, towel, FF water tumbler, headphones, SKIN CARE, my newly found lace top, comb, makeup and .. i think that's all.
What a way to find an excuse to do some shopping.

Trauma.. a little bit.

Lucky more like it. Also to have a friend like AG to be help me at times like this.
A true friend he is.
Most definitely.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Woman Soon No Longer At Work SOON

Tat's right. I did wat Kiyosaki would tell all of us. Go into self-employment. Dont work for people. Work for your self. After contemplating for many months, the decision has been made. My last day will be on Jan14, much earlier than expected, but seeing that time is money, I figured the earlier the better.

I am ready to embrace the new challenges. The obstacles. The rejections. The negative energy that tries to penetrate into my deep skull.

But no.. I will be STRONG. Tomorrow's dreams are built from today's sacrifices.

My friend Aaron said "See yourself as victorious. We have a lot of chances and opportunities, and the timetable for achievement is often greater than we think it is. Don't ever shortchange yourself on what life has to offer. The only losers are people who never try. Believe in yourself in all circumstances, keep moving forward and above all, never ever give up."

After all, what have I got to lose?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dimples Turns Wiser - Zipangu

Maybe I should start a food blog cos the next few posts are all related to food.
It's Dimples' bday and when your bday falls on a public holiday, u know your options are limited. So after much googling and seeking friends' suggestions, I finally decided on Zipangu in Shangri-La Hotel.

WOW....... (yeah wait till u hear about the bill)

So the list starts here...
So we ordered
1) Salmon and Tempura Set
2) Tempura Hand Roll
3) Soft Shell Crab Sushi Roll
4) Sashimi - for 2-3 people
5) Grilled Wagyu Beef - 100g

Salad and 2 Appetizers (vege+sesame tofu)Prawn Soup with mushrooms
Goose Liver + Boiled Winter Melon
Not my favourite but i would have to say its not too badBalance of Miso Soup - taste great actually
(who doesn't like this?)
Salmon + Rice
Chawan Mushi
(nothing like the ordinary)
Ice Cream
(im already too full when we reach to dessert)

Next items on the order are:-
Tempura Hand Roll

- look quite sad and the seaweed dont even seem to hold the rice inside (Not recommended)

Soft Shell Crab Sushi Roll
- a huge disappointment. Cant even taste the crab. (Not recommended)

Sashimi - for 2-3 people
(if budget is a constraint, just try the salmon sashimi cos thats the best)

Grilled Wagyu Beef - 100g
(REALLY AWESOME!!! A MUST TRY although the price is a bit of a killer)

Then came the little surprise for the birthday boy. I would have to say that Zipangu did a really bad job surprising and also in the cake deco.. but glad dimples enjoyed it. So did I...

Friday, October 05, 2007

FREE AD SPACE.. anyone?

Baby bunny keep reminding me, "Blog about la"
And I think her boss must be paying her loads to ask her friends to write about the company. Not easy being a marketing manager huh..

Anyway, the site is cool and it allows you to advertise for FREE (who says nothing comes free these days?)

And of course, being kiasu, I had to upload a few ads for my sister who is a veteran and professional make up artist. But then again, maybe my sister dont need any of the advertisement seeing that her calendar is always full. I could be wrong. So no harm advertising this
So yes, if you anything to sell, promote, market,
POST an ad in It's free anyway. :D

Friday, September 21, 2007


I wont consider myself older but prefer it WISER instead.Instead of the heart and McD that dimples said he will bring me for my birthday, he took me to a really a nice hearty meal at Market Place.
(Thanks baby, i knew it I cant be dressed just for Ronald the clown).
As we entered the restaurant, I kinda knew this place is really new. Plus its probably going to cost too. And for some reason, its going to be fine dining. AND that means, mamak after dinner............

We ordered the combination of platters, ala-carte BBQ lamb cutlets, salmon and beef tenderloin plus FOC wasabi mash and free flow of cold salad and bread. And you think I have space for mamak? You gotta be kidding.

We just decide to sit around and chill out and realise not only we ate a lot, there was no one else left in the restaurant. Hmmm. people do eat fast these days...

And dimples suprised me with my pressie as soon as I came out from the ladies. How sweet of him to run to the car to take my pressie..
It was a Tiffany.
Well, my first and only Tiffany.....
Really happy though I was never a Tiffany gal but dimples feel every gal should have their first Tiffany.


The guy who played the saxophone walked towards us and requested to play us a song. He prob beh-tahan already looking at us.
Awwwwwwwww... (tats bcos he tot it was a proposal la.... haiyah.. its a necklace le... )

But funny still..............

Thanks baby for a wonderful meal, pressie & most important making it back in time for my birthday :D

TRANSMORFERS (intentional)

dimples has always wanted a Optimus Prime and lucky me to have Eunice who knows so much about toys. And finally, when the toy arrived, I told dimples that I got to meet him before the Redang trip with any excuse tat I can find. So I really didnt know where to hide such a toy and tot, ok I will just leave it next to Nemo. And pray he will see it.

He passed by not noticing it. :(

But saw it when he turned around. :D
dimples said,"I must get Megatron now." And I was like "You better not, cos I already ordered it"

And you think the story finish here?
When I came back from Redang, Eunice said Megatron has arrived. So off we go to collect it from her and how I insist to dimples that we should check out the toy store.

And we have to see Starscream and Shockwave sitting at the shelves.. as though calling to us to buy them :p And WE DID. Cos dimples wanted a whole set. After all, Takara/Tomy Encore 2007 Series 1 Set only comes in 4.

POCKET BURNED................

And the story has not ended yet.
Eunice called to said that Takara has just announced Set 5 & Set 6 to be released. Ironhide and Ratchet.

AND, the total of the set will be 55 and not 4pieces ..........

ALAMAK....... What have I turn dimples and myself into??


Yes, life has been great and yes I have lost weight.... (hahaha, NOPE, I HAVE NOT)
but if you look at this picture, I may have.... well, at least according to my all-time blog fan, Baby Bunny. "The face at least look thinner...."
I got so much to update. And just dont know where to start.

First, i have to write about my company cruise trip to Redang. First time to Redang and first time on Virgo Cruise. How was it? Ok le.... Since pictures paint a thousand words.....
Then of course, I got to brag that I got promoted to the next level in PM. It just shows hard work pays after all. Now I have to fight for my incentive trip. Ooohhh.. I can feel Ho Chi Minh stamped in my passport already...
If Hanoi has a lot of bikes, I wonder if Ho Chi Minh is the same??
Then of course, there was the paintball adventure with my colleagues. Quite a dangerous affair but was great fun. The bruises are no fun though and took about a week to heal.. Damnit...
And what about the Jacky Cheung concert which dimples got FOC from Galaxy? Apart from the slight drizzle, it was ok. Im not easily satisfied, I know. After listening to my favourite song, Jing Su, dimples and I decided to leave early before 30,000 people starts to leave the same time. Moreover, we were quite hungry already.
Ohh wait.. i wanna talk about Transformers and also my Birthday. SO guess you have to wait up for the next posts yeah.

Friday, July 20, 2007

What You Dont Realise

Many of you do not realise

1) The purpose of saving money should not be related to only getting married / holidays / a new dress / a new car. You ought to look further.

2) Saving money for your golden age or retirement is equally important especially for people my age. The younger the better.

3) It's very important to start building your wealth and not wait till you are 30. It's never too early to start.

4) That you should not be getting yourselves into debt / swiping credit cards. Installment plans are evil.

5) You ought to seek professional advice when you need and do not listen to people especially those who dont do anything at all. After all, are those people you listen to wealthy?

Genting Highlands

Many may asked, "So whats nice about Genting?"
Well, i guess its true that there are not much things to do if you dont gamble.
When we reached the top, it was feeding time. We were both hungry from the earlier adventure so we walked around looking for good food.
And we indeed fed ourselves well. YUMMY....
Appetizer - sliced lamb with vegetables soaked in vinegar
Sliced lamb with sliced potatoesTofu Salad prawn cooked in wasabi sauce

The following morning, I braved myself at the theme park. I have never sat on a rollercoaster my entire life. So sitting the Chair Spinner and the Cockscrew were a BIG BIG thing for me. I was quite a scary cat actually but I guess I overcome that. The remedy: JUST YELL ALL THE WAY.

But the rain has to ruin everything. Only when I was getting the hang of it, the rain poured like there is no tomorrow.
And what a rip-off. Paid so much for 2 miserable rides.
But I guess it was worth it to discover that I could do roller coaster. :P

And skating, snorkelling, swimming (yes i barely know how to swim).. i wonder whats next?? Bungee jumping?
Yikes.. I dont even wanna think about it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Simple Lucky...

Last weekend was a good time to test my patience. After a heavy brunch with dimples' family, we proceed our journey to Genting only to discover the adventure did not take too long to begin.

Caprice decides to be temperamental.

Thankfully, it happened in the first checkpoint. Guess also cos dimples' reaction was fast enough to pullover. Plus the rain did not help much. After several calls to the mechanic and several knocking to the car, we decided calling the tow truck would be the best solution. Thank goodness for insurance. :P who says insurance is useless?

Call me crazy but I think the car has a soul of its own. You know how when parents beat their children and they start crying. As soon as dimples knock Caprice's engine or some mechanical stuff, the car starts to honk by itself. Yeah.. weird.... even the tow truck guy got startled when he arrived to get the car. And it honk again after we took this picture.

Guess its scolding us for making fun.... :P

So down we go, having to sit at the back seat of Caprice while being dragged back to Old Klang Road.

And you think, we will stop at there? Of course not. After leaving Caprice in the good hands, dimples' mechanic drove us back to my place to collect AJ. We have to go somehow. After all, the day was still early and why let such small problem spoil our weekend.... and up we went to Genting again. All in just one day.